The Art of Public Speaking by Dale Carnegie

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    The Art of Public Speaking by Dale Carnegie

                                             The Art of Public Speaking by Dale Carnegie

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    Public speaking is a vital skill which is important in all spheres of life. Generally, people who are good at public speaking go a long way in their professional careers. Hence, acquiring sound public speaking skills at an early age is critical. The book, 'The Art of Public Speaking’ helps the readers in learning the various techniques of 'speaking with confidence'. Written using several examples and powerful narration, this book is a wholesome learning material for public speaking. It is authored by Dale Carnegie and it was published by Prabhat Prakashan in 2013.

    The book begins with the most essential component of public speaking - confidence. The author explains the various ways in which readers can improve their confidence so that once they go on stage, they have no fear. Then, it deals with important factors of speaking like when to pause and the various pausing techniques. Then, it moves on to the topic of delivering the content. More than what you speak, what is crucial is how you speak and hence delivery is the most important factor in public speaking. It discusses the various techniques of delivery and force. Additionally, there are notes on preparation and body language.

    About the author:

    Dale Harbison Carnegie is an American author who is known for his books on self-improvement. He was born in poverty and had a childhood full of hardships. To overcome these hardships and to achieve the dream of becoming a Chautauqua lecturer, he started his course on public speaking and became immensely popular. He also served the army during the World War 1. Soon, he developed the teachings from his lectures into a book and published them. He rose to fame with the book, 'How to Win Friends and Influence People’ and since then has become an influential writer in the segment of self-help books. Some of his other famous books include Dale Carnegie's Scrapbook: a Treasury of the Wisdom of the Ages, Public Speaking: a Practical Course for Business Men and Little Known Facts About Well Known People.

    'The Art of Public Speaking’ is a powerful book that explains the details of public speaking and helps readers in improving their skills. This book is easily available online for convenient shopping.

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    Training in public speaking is not a matter of externals, primarily; it is not a matter of imitation, fundamentally; it is not a matter of conformity to standards, at all. Public speaking is public utterance, public issuance, of the man himself. The first thing for the beginner in public speaking is to speak, not to study voice and gesture and the rest. Once he has spoken he can improve himself by self-observation or according to the criticisms of those who hear. But how shall he be able to criticise himself? A Person can simply find out three things: What are the qualities which by common consent go to make up an effective speaker to know how good he is at public speaking; by what means at least some of these qualities may be acquired; and what wrong habits of speech in himself work against his acquiring and using the qualities which he finds to be good. This best seller and evergreen book by renowned self help books author Dale Carnegie will help any normal person to be an effective Public Speaker and achieve success in all spheres of life.

    From the Back Cover:
    A pioneer in the field of self-help, Dale Carnegie distilled his experiences as a salesman and lecturer in his first guide to successful speech-making, The Art of Public Speaking. This predecessor to his bestseller, How to Win Friends and Influence People, was co-written with J. B. Esenwein. Its direct, practical advice for emphasizing ideas for easy comprehension and high impact ranges from finding an appropriate rhythm to conquering stage fright.
    Avoiding the use of tricks and shortcuts, the authors suggest methods for developing one's thoughts in order to form an original, authentic manner of speaking. They advise speakers to practice their presentation skills, offering useful tips for speech-making in both personal and professional situations. First published in 1915, this classic continues to encourage people from all walks of life to overcome their self-consciousness and increase their effectiveness and comfort as public speakers.

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    Paperback: 240 pages
    Publisher: Prabhat Prakashan; 1 edition (1 August 2013)
    Language: English
    ISBN-10: 8184302614
    ISBN-13: 978-8184302615
    Package Dimensions: 21.6 x 13.8 x 1.6 cm

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