The 12-Week Fitness Project by Rujuta Diwekar

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    The 12-Week Fitness Project by Rujuta Diwekar

    The 12-Week Fitness Project by Rujuta Diwekar
     The 12-Week Fitness Project

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    Author: Rujuta Diwekar
    Paperback: 208 pages
    Publisher: Juggernaut (4 January 2020)
    Language: English

    About the Author Rujuta Diwekar:
    Winner of the 'Nutrition Award' from Asian Institute of Gastroenterology, Rujuta is India's leading sports science and nutrition expert and amongst the world's most followed Nutritionists. She is also a best-selling author and the country's foremost speaker on health and wellness.
    In the plethora of diet fads and fears, her voice rings loud and clear, urging us to use our common sense and un-complicate the act of eating. She emphasizes on a blend of traditional food wisdom and modern nutritional science for a healthy body and mind, best reflected through the mantra – Eat local, think global.
    Her books have sold more than 1 milion copies in 7 languages and continue to define the discourse on food and exercise across the country.

    Table of contents:
    Introduction: Simplicity is profound
    Chapter 1. What diet is not
    Chapter 2. How to eat: relearn
    Chapter 3. What to eat: rethink
    Chapter 4. The 4 principles of eating right
    Chapter 5. Inculcating awareness
    Chapter 6. From knowing to doing
    Chapter 7 - FAQs: 21 questions from readers
    Appendix. Kareena ka tashan. Exercise is non-negotiable

    Let go of reductionist diets and embrace food as nutrition, says the dietitian in her week-by-week 
    guide to better health.
    A dive into the first 8 weeks from her new book, ‘The 12-Week Fitness Project’

    Week 1 - Start your day with a banana or any fresh fruit or soaked almonds or soaked raisins and not with tea or coffee

    Drink a glass of plain water before having banana/almonds/raisins.
    Eat this within 20 minutes of waking up or after taking the thyroid pill, if you are on one.
    You can work out, do yoga, etc., 15-20 minutes after having the banana/almonds/raisins.
    If not working out, you can have your breakfast within an hour of this meal.
    It’s okay to sip on chai or coffee 10–15 minutes after having banana/almonds/raisins.
    You can also add 1-2 strands of kesar when soaking the raisins.

    Banana: For all those who have digestion issues or get sugar cravings after a meal. Buy the fresh, local variety. Buy at least 2-3 times a week and do not bring them home in plastic bags—use a cloth bag instead.
    Soak 7-8 raisins with 1-2 strands of kesar overnight and have this in the morning if you have terrible PMS or low energy through the day. This combination was probably the most successful guideline based on responses to Diwekar’s online survey. Women who had painful periods for years reported a drop in anxiety, cramps and acidity within weeks and many of them even experienced totally pain-free periods for the first time in their lives.
    4-6 soaked and peeled almonds—if you have insulin resistance, diabetes, PCOD or low fertility or poor sleep quality. Pick the mamra or the local variety of almonds, for it’s richer in nutrients. For PCOD, switch to 7-8 raisins and 1-2 strands of kesar 10 days before periods. We soak the almonds to unlock the nutrients and allow the phytic acid levels (which can otherwise bind to minerals like zinc and make them unavailable for our body) to go down.

    Good to know:
    Remember that fitness is built one step at a time by small but daily actions. The body rewards consistency over anything else. Being consistent with this practice within 15 minutes of waking up is a big step forward.

    Add an extra tsp of ghee to lunch if you have sweet cravings or experience an afternoon slump.
    Add an extra tsp of ghee to dinner if you wake up feeling constipated, have IBS or digestion issues in general or suffer from poor sleep quality.
    Here are some other ways in which you can consume it, especially in winter, to keep your joints supple and skin glowing:

    Have ghee-roasted makhanas as a mid-meal around 4pm
    Have gond laddoos made in ghee, especially during harsh winters, as a mid-morning meal, 2-3 hours after breakfast
    Have ghee and jaggery after lunch or dinner if you suffer from PMS, fatigue or low haemoglobin (Hb) levels.

    Ghee by nature is lipolytic: It’s a fat which breaks down other fats. It mobilizes fats from stubborn fat areas of the body.
    It helps you de-stress, sleep better and wake up fresher as it allows for better digestion, assimilation of nutrients and eases bowel movement.
    Rich in antioxidants, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and fat-soluble vitamins like A, E, D, it’s good for your heart. Especially useful for PCOD, diabetes and heart diseases, BP, acidity, weak joints, constipation, IBS.
    Ghee with meals reduces their glycaemic index and helps regulate blood sugars.
    Include ghee despite having cholesterol/high triglycerides/fatty liver/BP issues. It regulates cholesterol by increasing the contribution of lipids towards metabolism. Reduce packaged products like biscuits and avoid alcohol.
    Ghee improves satiety signals to ensure the right amount of food is eaten.

    Bookkart Words About the The 12-Week Fitness Project Book:
    It's really about not losing our mind when it comes to the most basic of our needs- feeding ourselves. Dieting is not about deprivation of food, on the contrary it's about providing our body with the right kind of nourishment. Funny, easy to read and full of great advice, it argues that we should return to our traditional eating roots (yes, ghee is good), nutrients are more important than calories and, most importantly, the only way to lose weight is to eat and enjoy eating.   

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